Team House Maid

shameless adoration of joanne froggatt

There are so many obstacles between them – her failing marriage, his tumultuous divorce – and yet when she sees him now, sitting on the couch, a sad air of desolation upon him, she sees absolutely no barriers. She shares that air – she doesn’t know how to deal with this, how to deal with something so spontaneous, and yet so ready to combust?

She fights for them, fights against him for them – fights to make him see she’s ready give up everything and be with him like they should, that she is ready to follow him everywhere, if only he would allow it. She pushes him, and pushes until she gets a reaction, even if it’s not what she expects.

She needs resolution; she doesn’t want to play this game anymore. No more escapades, no more denying – to others and themselves. She’s ready to face the consequences if it means she’ll have him. She needs to make him see she knows what she is in for, and this time she is ready to walk away if he is against it once more.

However it might hurt her. “What do you want?” her tone is low, and yet so clear. “What do I want?” he repeats, a soft, sad smile on his face. “I want you to be last thing I see when I fall asleep and the first when I wake up. I want to learn your every day quirks and I want to have you knowing there’s nobody else, nothing else to stop us. That’s what I want.” She smiles. He stands up. Their eyes are locked and she forgets to breathe for a moment – perhaps their minds are finally the same now. Perhaps there are no barriers, indeed. No limits, either. They can take outside obstacles.

They just can’t fight themselves. “Well, then,” she breathes out as he stops in front of her. “You decide,” he says, weakly, hoarsely, and starts to turn. He walks away slowly. She’s more than ready to follow him.

Gifs by THM, story by fuzzy-dreams